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Designer, Crafter,
Collaborator & Pal.
Portland, OR USofA


A Woman at Work

Please send me an email for the latest representation of my work. 
Most recently I’ve been working with a team of designers at Open Studio Collective.

While the peak of my interests are patterns, illustration, custom lettering, and type layouts, what makes designing fun to me is the different canvases design can be applied to–digital, 2D, and 3D. 

I’ve worked on the project management, keeping the work-flow moving and budgets in line. I’ve been supporting behind the scenes and been the one leading the charge with the client. I’ve art directed photo shoots and multi-platform digital campaigns, and I’ve collaborated with fabricators to bring ideas to life. Contributing work to athletic and wellness brands, office spaces, food and drink, and beyond.

What I’ve learned in the last 10 years that I have spent working as a designer is the good work comes from curiosity, mutual respect, ceaseless effort, and teamwork. I’m in it for the long haul, my mantra keeps me moving; “process is not a dirty word.” To me, building happy professional relationships is everything–and to never forget to keep things light, a little silly, and positive.


Kind Words... 

"Karina is the kind of designer that every team needs, not only for her dependability and talent, but also for her personality and acumen. Professional, hard-working, kind, hilarious, creative —her presence made our team immeasurably stronger. I would love to work with her again some day."  
 -Adam Gault, Previous Leadership


"Managing work flow like a boss."   
-Allison Love, Previous Leadership


"Amazing ability to communicate with grace, and be an awesome force at work."
-Nicole Barker, Co-Worker


"Thank you for being awesome. I appreciate the fact that you've stepped up to help the team with out question, on top of killing it in your normal role. Plus you're still making sure we have BBQ's. You make The Clymb a better place to work.    
-Jake Horn, Previous Leadership