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Designer, Crafter,
Collaborator & Pal.
Portland, OR USofA


A Woman at Work

Karina is a multi-disciplinary designer who’s spent the last 7 years working on anything from brand identities, letterpress, apparel, and catalogs, to art directing photo shoots, email and web design, social media execution for brands, and creating multi-platform campaigns. She believes that good work comes from foundations built on curiosity, respect, ceaseless effort, and collaborative teamwork. Karina spends her personal time practicing painting, hand lettering, illustration, pattern making, and seeking new skills. A genuine Oregonian with German & Hispanic roots, who likes to goof around.

Recently Karina has spent her last year contributing to work for TheClymb.com, Open Studio Collective, and ModernAdventure.com. 





Nice things people have said... 

"Karina is the kind of designer that every team needs, not only for her dependability and talent, but also for her personality and acumen. Professional, hard-working, kind, hilarious, creative —her presence made our team immeasurably stronger. I would love to work with her again some day."    -Adam Gault, Previous Leadership


"Managing work flow like a boss."   -Allison Love, Previous Leadership


"Amazing ability to communicate with grace, and be an awesome force at work." -Nicole Barker, Co-Worker


"Rocking the coordination of the guac [guacamole guac-off]." -Olivia Storm, Fellow Designer


"Thank you for being awesome. I appreciate the fact that you've stepped up to help the team with out question, on top of killing it in your normal role. Plus you're still making sure we have BBQ's. You make The Clymb a better place to work.    -Jake Horn, Previous Leadership