Art Direction

Art Director, prepared to execute vision, hands on.


Wilder & Sons Photo Shoot

Wilder & Sons is a Pacific Northwest lifestyle brand based in Portland, Oregon.  With their 2016 collection launch in sight, photographer Suzie Gotis and I worked to build a story that fit in between their previous beach and camping campaigns. That line of thought brought us back to city the brand is based in, situated perfectly between the mountains and coast.  We aimed to paint a picture of a day in the life, highlighting their products, and showcase the lifestyle that inspires the brand- adding the the urban outdoorsman shots they were missing. This shoot took place in one day, with multiple locations and a small ambitous and effective team. 


Model: Wade Holter    //   Photographer: Suzie Gotis



In The Studio

I've spent plenty of time in the photo studio creating imagery that we would later use in custom emails to give The Clymb's campaigns unique presence in their members inboxes.  From product selection, to meticulously arranging a lay-down, to coxing a dog into a jacket and climbing helmet and keeping still, and then even post production, attention to details and the patience to get it right is key. 

Photographer: Suzie Gotis



Out & About with The Clymb 

Over the years, The Clymb took the time to build their own library of outdoor lifestyle photography to target specific product and audiences, and to save them from having to use so many stock images.  With a small team of creatives, we organized many shoots, and  I've learned from those who came before me that your shoot will move smoothing with clear goals and vision set, and proper planning in place, your shoot can move smoothly. I've worked on scouting location, collecting props, sourcing models, styling and post production photo editing, concepting shoots and on-site direction.  These images are used on site, in email campaigns, and beyond. 

Photographer: Suzie Gotis    //    Models: Clymb Employees   //   In collaboration with: Allison Love