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Master of Format, Queen of Type, Ruler of Hierarchy.

I've spent years working with The Clymb and it's small in house Creative and Marketing team. The quality and quantity of work this team produced was impressive, especially with the lightening speed nature of the company- and we delivered results.  The company has sent a lot of emails since 2009, some with a single purpose, some lasting the length of a few week long campaign.  Not only did we use emails to sell things, but to tell stories, and our reach extended to social outlets and with partnerships- far beyond. With a strong sense brand voice and design, we set everyday to make something worth looking at. Cohesive well rounded, multi-platform editorial story telling was our bread and butter. 


... Holy Email ... 

The company has an aggressive email strategy, often sending a second email after our usual morning send (forgive us), and that requires the rhythm of the design to change to keep the audience engaged.  Sometimes the email highlighted a them of sale, a specific brand, or a small collection of noteworthy products.